Collective Works of George Muller

Highlights include: The Life of Trust :The Lord's Dealings with George Muller, The Preaching Tours of George Muller , The Wonders of Prayer and more..


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 Collective Works of George Muller On CD

Contents Include:

The Life of Trust Being a Narrative of the Lord's Dealings with George Muller 1898 Edition with 550 pages

The Wonders of Prayer 1885 Edition with 387 pages

The Preaching Tours of George Muller by Mrs Muller 1889 Edition with 332 pages

Brief Narrative Facts of Relative to the New Orphan Houses by George Muller

Five Years of Prayer

George Muller of Bristol by Arthur Pierson with 490 pages

George Muller and Andrew Reed by Emma Pitman with 155 pages

George Mueller was simply another Elijah! ... God meant that George Mueller, wherever his work was witnessed or his story is read, should be a standing rebuke, to the practical impotence of the average disciple. While men are asking whether prayer can accomplish similar wonders as of old, here is a man who answers the question by the indisputable logic of facts. Powerlessness always means prayerlessness. It is not necessary for us to be sinlessly perfect, or to be raised to a special dignity of privilege and endowment, in order to wield this wondrous weapon of power with God; but it is necessary that we be men and women of prayer-habitual, believing, importunate prayer.


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