Arthur W. Pink Collection on CD

Highlights Include: Attributes of God, Doctrine of Election, Practical Christianity, Seven Sayings of Christ, Sovreignty of God, Exposition on Hebrews


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A. W. Pink
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Arthur W. Pink Collection on CD

Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952)was born in Great Britain and immigrated to the U.S. to study at Moody Bible Institute. He pastored churches in Colorado, California, Kentucky, and South Carolina before becoming an itinerant Bible teacher in 1919. He returned to his native land in 1934, taking up residence on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, in 1940, and remained there until his death. Most of his works first appeared as articles in Studies in Scriptures, a monthly magazine concerned solely with the exposition of Scripture.

Pink was virtually unknown and certainly unappreciated in his day. Independent Bible study convinced him that much of modern evangelism was defective. When Puritan and reformed books were generally disregarded by the Church was a whole, he advanced the majority of their principles with untiring zeal. The progressive spiritual decline of his own nation (Britain) was to him the inevitable consequence of the prevalence of a "gospel" that could neither wound (with conviction of sin) nor heal (via regeneration).

Familiar with the whole range of revelation, Mr. Pink was rarely sidetracked from the great themes of Scripture: grace, justification, and sanctification. Our generation owes him a great debt for the enduring light he has shed, by God's grace, on the Truth of the Holy Bible.

CD Contents Include:
Divine Covenants
A Fourfold Salvation
A Guide to Fervent Prayer
A Study of Dispensationalism
Attributes of God
Booklets and Pamphlets
Comfort For Christians
Divine Healing Is it Scriptural
Divine Inspiration of The Bible
Doctrine of Election
Doctrine of Justification
Doctrine of Man's Impotence
Doctrine of Reconciliation
Doctrine of Revelation
Doctrine of Sanctification
Doctrine of Total Depravity
Eternal Punishment
Eternal Security
Gleanings From Elisha
Intepretation of The Scriptures
Parables of Matthew 13
Practical Christianity
Profiting From the Scriptures
Sermon on the Mount
Seven Sayings of Christ
Spiritual Growth
Studies on Saving Faith
The Antichrist
The Beatitudes
The Godhood of God
The Holy Spirit
The Law and the Saint
The Life of Elijah
The Life of Faith
The Lord's Prayer
The Redeemers Return
The Satisfaction of Christ
The Sovreignty of God
The Ten Commandments
Why Four Gospels
Exposition on Hebrews
Exposition on John's Gospel
Gleanings From Paul
Gleaning in the Godhead
Gleanings in Exodus
Gleanings in Genesis
Gleanings in Joshua
Life of David



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