Works of William Bates In 4 Volumes

Highlights Include: Treatise on the Existence of God, Immortality of the Soul, Divinity of the Christian Religion, Harmony of the Divine Attributes

William Bates


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"William Bates was one of the most popular and esteemed preachers among the Nonconformists."

"In 1662, Bates was one of 2,000 ministers ejected by the Act of Uniformity."

"In 1672, he was licensed as a Presbyterian teacher and was appointed to lecture at Pinner's Hall".

"Bates remained a leading Puritan until the end of his life, often being invited to preach at the funerals of close Puritan friends, including Richard Baxter, Thomas Manton, Thomas Jacomb, and David Clarkson.

Bates died in Hackney on July 21, 1699, survived by his second wife, Margaret. The sermon at Bates's funeral, preached by John Howe."

CD-Rom Contents:

Volume 1

Memoir of the Author
Treatise on the Existence of God
Immortality of the Soul
Divinity of the Christian Religion
Harmony of the Divine Attributes

Vol 2

Sermons on the Forgiveness of Sins
The Sure Trial of Uprightness
The Great Duty of Resignation
The Danger of Prosperity
Spiritual Perfection Unfolded

Vol 3

The Saints Everlasting Rest
On Divine Meditation
On The Fear of God
The Four Last Things:
Death,Judgement,Heaven and Hell

Vol 4

Sermons on Various Subjects
Funeral Sermons of Queen Mary, Richard Baxter,
Thomas Manton, Thomas Jacomb, and David Clarkson by William Bates
Funeral Sermon for Willam Bates by John Howe