The Works of Thomas Boston On CD in 11 Volumes

Highlights Include: Marrow of Modern Divinity, Crook in the Lot, Art of Man Fishing, Human Nature in its four-fold state, Covenant of Grace

Thomas Boston


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Thomas Boston (March 17, 1676 - May 20, 1732), was a Scottish church leader.

He was born at Duns. His father, John Boston, and his mother, Alison Trotter, were both Covenanters. He was educated at Edinburgh, and licensed in 1697 by the presbytery of Chirnside. In 1699 he became minister of the small parish of Simprin, where there were only 90 examinable persons.

Contents Include:

Vol 1& 2 with 1200 pages
Body of Divinity

Vol 3 with 660 pages
on Church Communion
Crook in the Lot

Vol 4 with 550 pages
Characteristics of Real Christians

Vol 5 with 640 pages
Art of Man Fishing
and View of this World and that which is to come

Vol 6 with 690 pages
Sermons on Important Subjects

Vol 7 with 650 pages
Marrow of Modern Divinity with notes
and Christ Everlasting Espousals

Vol 8 with 600 pages
Human Nature in its four-Fold State
and a View of the Covenant of Grace

Vol 9 with 700 pages
Sixty Six Sermons on Important Subjects

Vol 10 with 630 pages
Names and Attributes of Christ
and The Christian Life Delineated

Vol 11 with 450 pages
A View of the Covenant of Works
and Personal and Family Fasting