The Works of Philip Doddridge in Ten Volumes

Highlights include: his commentary;The Family Expositor;The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul; hymns founded on the Holy Scriptures

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Philip Doddridge was born in London, England on June 26, 1702, the youngest of twenty children. His health was so poor when he was born he was not expected to live, and Philip continued to be plagued by ill health all of his life
At twenty-seven Doddridge began to pastor the Castle Hill congregational chapel in Northampton, England. He was to continue there for the next twenty-two years. While in Northampton Doddridge offered a theological training school to prepare young men for ministry in independent churches. Over the years Doddridge taught about 200 men, conducting classes in Hebrew, Greek, math, philosophy, Bible, and theology. Because of his many accomplishments, the University of Aberdeen conferred a Doctor of Divinity degree upon Doddridge in 1736. Doddridge was a prolific writer. His The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul was translated into seven languages.
Besides a New Testament commentary and other theological works, Doddridge also wrote over 400 hymns.

Included on this CD:

The Works of Philip Doddridge in Ten Volumes
Which include his commentary on the Bible "The Family Expositor"

The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul 1831 Edition with 324 pages

Hymns Founded on the Holy Scriptures
By Job Orton 375 Hymns with 307 pages

Evidences of Christianity 1816 Edition with 195 pages

Philip Doddridge his life and labors 1852 Edition with 275 pages