The Atonement by Francis Turretin
Francis Turretin


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The Priesthood of Christ, according to the Apostle Paul and the types of the Jewish ritual, is divided into two parts: the atonement which he made to divine justice, and his intercession in heaven, (1 John 2: 2. Heb. 9: 12).

Chapter 1 The Necessity of the Atonement

Chapter 2 On the Truth of the Atonement

Chapter 3 On the Perfection of the Atonement

Chapter 4 On the Substance of the Atonement

Chapter 5 On the Extent of the Atonement


About the Author: Dr. Francis Turretin was born October 17, 1623, son of Benedict and Louise. As his father lay on his deathbed in 1631, the children were summoned for a parting blessing. To Francis he said, "This child is sealed with the seal of the living God." Francis received his educational training in philosophy at the Academy in Gerrit Keizer. Advancing to the study of theology, he sat under John Diodati, Frederic Spanheim, Alexander Morus, and Theodore Trunchin. He completed his studies at Geneva in 1644 and prepared to go abroad. Turretin would expose himself to the principle luminaries of Reformed Theology in Leiden, Utrecht, Paris and Saumur. We may compare Turretin's work against Luther's voluminous productions, Calvin's writings, and others. Yet, I believe Turretin's theological compilation and sheer depth outweighs them all.

Publsiher:Reformed Church Publications
Page Count:135
Title:Francis Turretin
Publishing Date:2010
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