Preacherís  Homiletical Bible Commentary

For more than a century, Preacherís Homiletic Commentary has shaped expository preaching and the role Bible commentaries play in sermon preparation

J.S Excell


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The Preachers Complete Homiletical Bible Commentary of the Old Testament in 27 Volumes with various Authors

For more than a century, the Preacherís Homiletic Commentary has shaped the trajectory of expository preaching and defined the role Bible commentaries play in sermon preparation. As a commentary written by preachers for preachers, the Preacherís Homiletic Commentary is uniquely designed to foster the kind of biblical study that produces engaging and clear sermons. For every chapter of the Bible, the commentary contains a section on preaching themes, which are organized topically, conceptually, and chronologically. Significant theological themes are also outlined for each section of the Bible, and homiletic notes are provided. The authors have also solicited and summarized commentary from a wide range of contributors to Biblical, historical, and theological scholarship, drawing from the collective wisdom of those who understand that good preaching has its origin in Biblical study. This work ranks among the few Bible commentaries that remain practical and accessible without compromising scholarship, making it an integral part of sermon planning and preparation.

Key Features Included
Subject index and sermon illustration index included with each individual volume.
Comprehensive topical index provided for the entire set.

Format: CD-Rom in PDF Scanned images
Page Counrt:27 Volumes
Editing features:Copy, paste, print and search