The Lives and History of the Puritans

The Lives of the Puritans by Benjamin Brook in 3 Volumes and The History of the Puritans by Daniel Neal in 5 Volumes

Benjamin Brook Daniel Neal


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Included on this CD for BENJAMIN BROOK:

The Lives of the Puritans in 3 volumes: Containing A Biographical Account of Those Divines Who Distiguished Themselves In The Cause of Religious Liberty, From the Reformation Under Queen Elizabeth, To The Act of Uniformity, In 1662.

Included on this CD for The History of the Puritans in 5 Volumes:

DANIEL NEAL (1678-1743), English historian, born in London on the 14th of December 1678, was educated at the Merchant Taylors' School, and at the universities of Utrecht and Leiden. In 1704 he became assistant minister, and in 1706 sole minister, of an independent congregation. He married Elizabeth Lardner (d. 1748), by whom he had one son, Nathanael and two daughters.

In 1720 Neal published his History of New England, which obtained for its author the honorary degree of M.A. from Harvard college. He also undertook to assist Dr John Evans in writing a history of Nonconformity. Evans, however, died in 1730, and, making use of his papers for the period before 1640, Neal wrote the whole of the work himself. This History of the Puritans deals with the time between the Reformation and 1689.

The History of the Puritans was edited, in five volumes, by Dr Joshua Toulmin (1740-1815), who added a life of Neal in 1797. This was reprinted in 1822, and an edition in two volumes was published in New York in 1844.