King James 1672 Bible/1599 Reformers Notes

Notes of Theodore Beza, John Calvin , and Franc Junius

John Calvin/Theodore Beza/Franc Junius


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This CD contains:

The King James 1672 Bible with Reformers marginal notes-very rare addition

The best Reformation Translation (King James Version) combined with the best Bible notes of the first Reformation (the Geneva Bible notes [from the 1599 edition])! A great tool for public, family and for private worship and study. Printed from a marvelously clean original copy, surpassing the quality of all other printings (of the Geneva Bible notes in particular) we have seen. Contains almost 1000 pages with notes on the complete Bible (Old & New Testaments)making this a veritable library of study and classic Protestant commentary in just one book!

Also on this CD:

1841 English Hexapla Parallel New Testament Facsimile

The English Hexapla (pronounced “HEX-UH-PLA”) is a popular facsimile because it gives you all six of the most important ancient English translations of the scriptures in easy-to-compare parallel columns, with the original Greek at the top, and a 160-page detailed preface telling the story of how each translation led to the next. From 1380 through 1611; it’s all here. This treasure should truly be part of every Christian’s library.

The English "Hexapla" (from the root word "hex" meaning "six", such as a six-sided "hexagon") was printed in 1841 by Samuel Bagster and Sons of London, England. This wonderful resource of textual comparison is something no Christian's library should be without.