Facsimile of Bezas 1565 & 1598 New Testaments

Greek/Latin New Testament with Annotations

Theodore Beza


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Theodore Bezas 1565 & 1598 New Testaments in Greek/Latin with Annotations

Beza, 1565. Theodore Beza, Novum Testamentum, cum versione Latina veteri, et nova Theodori Bezę. Geneva, 1565 (folio); 2nd folio edition 1582; 3rd folio edition 1589; 4th folio edition 1598.

The basis of Beza's text was Estienne 1551 with a few minor changes, amounting to less than a hundred. Beza was a prominent theologian and scholar in Geneva, and his changes were generally taken to be improvements upon the text; but in many places this is doubtful. Despite his qualifications, he seems not to have applied himself to the improvement of the Estienne text, which was substantially that of Erasmus' later editions. Beza's annotations to the text showed more critical independence, as may be seen in the note to John 8:1-12, which he regarded as inauthentic. That he did not omit the passage from his text shows, however, that by 1565 the text of Erasmus had attained a kind of prescriptive right as the text in common use, duly corrected and established (as was thought) on manuscript authority by Estienne. His annotations included the readings gathered by Henry Estienne for his father Robert, whose collations had come into Beza's possession, and also included notes on the readings of the Peshitta Syriac version (as translated into Latin by Tremellius).