The Expositors Bible Commenatary in 6 Volumes With Index

Authors Include:Marcus Dods D.D., G.A. Chadwick, D.D., S.H. Kellog, D.D., Robert A. Watson, M.A., Andrew Harper, B.D., Alexand, Alexander Mac Laren

Editor Sir William Robertson Nicoll


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The Expositors Bible in 6 Volumes

Volume 1: Genesis to Ruth
Authors: Marcus Dods, D.D., G.A. Chadwick, D.D., S.H. Kellog, D.D., Robert A. Watson, M.A., Andrew Harper, B.D., William Garden Blaikie, D.D.
863 pages

Volume 2: I Samuel to Job
Authors: William Garden Blaikie, D.D., F.W. Farrar, D.D., W.H. Bennett, M.A., Walter F. Adeney, M.A., Robert A. Watson, M.A.

Volume 3: Psalms to Isaiah
Authors: Alexander Mac Laren, D.D., R.F. Horton, M.A., Samuel Cox, D.D., Walter F. Adeney, M.A., George Adam Smith, M.A.
849 pages

Volume 4: Jeremiah to Mark
Authors: C.J. Ball, M.A., W.H. Bennett, M.A., John Skinner, M.A., F.W. Farrar, D.D., George Adam Smith, M.A., John Monro Gibson, G.A. Chadwick, D.D.
924 pages

Volume 5: Luke to Galatians
Authors: G.G. Findlay, B.A., Robert Rainy, D.D., Alexander Mac Laren, D.D., James Denney, B.D., Alfred Plummer, M.A., Thomas Charles Edwards, D.D.,J. Rawson Lumby, D.D., William Alexander, D.D., William Milligan, D.D.
927 pages

Volume 6: Ephesians to Revelation
Authors: Henry Burton, M.A., Marcus Dods, D.D., G.T. Stokes, D.D., Handley C.G. Moule, M.A., James Denney, B.D., G.G. Findlay, B.A., Forrest Morgan, William Milligan, D.D.
1,055 pages

About the Editor
Sir William Robertson Nicoll (18511923), a religious journalist, was born into the Free Church of Scotland manse at Auchindoir, Aberdeenshire.
William graduated from Aberdeen (1870),he served parishes at Dufftown,and Kelso.